E7350A Network Analyzer 2 to 110 GHz
Our full capability repair facility can repair and calibrate your Agilent E7350A Network Analyzer. Keysight Agilent E7350A Network Analyzer Repair and Calibration Service. Free Repair Estimates. Analyzers are our business. We specialize in servicing obsolete, unsupported, Agilent Keysight HP Test Equipment.
This 8510XF system (Keysight E7350A) has been designed to measure broadband devices to 110 GHz in coax (1.0 mm) or on-wafer, fully calibrated, in a single sweep. By building on the Keysight 8510C network analyzer, the Keysight 8510XF provides excellent measurement performance in frequency coverage, dynamic range and measurement accuracy. All frequency band switching is performed internally by the Keysight 8510C, making it extremely convenient when measuring broadband devices on-wafer or in coax.

Part Inventory 

We specialize specifically on Network and Spectrum Analyzers. Because of this, it allows us to maintain an extensive parts inventory. An decrease in turn around time and parts availability results.  


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