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N5232A PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer, 20 GHz
Our full capability facility can repair and calibrate your Keysight Agilent HP N5232A PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer. Keysight Agilent HP N5232A PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer Repair and Calibration Service. Free Repair Estimates. Analyzers are our business. We specialize in servicing obsolete, unsupported, Agilent Keysight HP Test Equipment.
Agilent N5232A
Agilent’s N5232A PNA-ctL microwave veor network analyzer (VNA) offers design and manufacturing engineers the highest-performance mid-range VNA. PNA-L is the world’s best value for microwave manufacturing with accurate S-parameters at a budget-friendly cost along with future-proof capabilities. The PNA-L family is designed for passive components and simple active device measurements of amplifier and frequency converters. Agilent’s PNA-L VNAs are available in five frequency models. Three frequency models, start at 300 kHz, with two or four ports available for the 13.5- and 20-GHz models, and two ports available for the 8.5-GHz product. The other two frequency models with two ports, start at 10 MHz, and include the 43.5- and 50-GHz products. The N523xA PNA-L VNA replaces and is 100% compatible with the existing N5230C, which means there is no change to your setup or test codes. Applications S-parameters Gain compression Conversion gain/loss Material measurements Signal integrity