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Agilent HP 8902A Measuring Receiver
Analyzer Repair Inc. is a full repair facility can repair and calibrate your Agilent 8902A. Analyzer Repair Inc. specializes in repair of the Agilent 8902A and HP 8902A Measuing Receiver. Precision Test Equipment Repair is our business..
We are specialists in the repair of the Agilent/HP 8902A Measuring Receivers. The Keysight 8902A measuring receiver delivers the accuracy and resolution of a high performance power meter at frequencies from 150 kHz to 1.3 GHz (50 MHz to 26.5 GHz with the Keysight 11793A microwave converter) and levels from +30 dBm to -127 dBm.
RF power: digital power meter accuracy Tuned RF level: 0 to -127 dBm dynamic range Carrier noise: AM and phase noise measurements to -140 dBc/Hz AM and FM: 1% accuracy; Phi-M:3% accuracy RF frequency: 1 Hz resolution Audio: level, frequency, and distortion
The 8902A can accurately measures AM, FM and M, including residuals and incidentals, with a single keystroke. The Keysight 8902A measuring receiver, with the Keysight 11793A, counts RF signals to 26.5 GHz with 10 Hz resolution and excellent long-term frequency stability. The 8902A measuring receiver with Option 050 offers increased power measurement accuracy. This option specifies Tuned RF Level on the 8902A measuring receiver to an accuracy of ±(0.015 dB + 0.005 dB/10 dB step).