Repair and Calibration Services


8713C scalar network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
Our full capability facility can repair and calibrate your Keysight Agilent HP 8713C Network Analyzer. We offer Free Estimates and Quick turn around times. Fast!
The HP 8711C and HP 8713C are easy-to-use RF network analyzers optimized for production measurements of reflection and transmission parameters. The instrument integrates an RF synthesized source, transmission/reflection test set, multi-mode receivers, and display in one compact box. The source features 1 Hz resolution, 50 ms (or faster) sweep time, and up to + 16 dBm output power. The three-channel, dual mode receivers provide dynamic range of greater than 100 dB in narrowband measurement mode. For measurements of frequency-translating devices, the network analyzer features broadband internal and external detector inputs. The receivers incorporate digital signal processing and microprocessor control to speed operation and measurement throughput.