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2754P 2755AP 2755P

275X Series Spectrum Analyzers
We can provide a 100% success rate on repairs and calibration on all of the 2754P 2755AP 2755P series analyzers. We use all the alignment software programs and test equipment standards as the Manufacturer at a cost lower than most of our competitors. Evaluations are always free.
The 275X Series Spectrum Analyzers are a benchtop instrument that combines cost-effective lab performance and ease of use, with a new dimension in spectrum analyzer processing intelligence. Packaged for enhanced engineering productivity, it reduces operator interface requirements and risk of human error. The instruments covers the frequency range of 50kHz to 21GHz. This is a fully programmable.
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With over 40 years in Metrology, and working with other Calibration Labs, Analyzer Repair Inc. saw the need for a repair facility specializing in the repair and calibration of Network & Spectrum Analyzers. With this, it allows us to maintain a sensible inventory of parts, test equipment and Calibration procedures.   We do service other test equipment on a case by case basis. Analyzer Repair Inc. maintains traceability on measurements from DC to 50 GHz. Have something else? Give us a call.

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Extensive parts inventory

Circuit board

We specialize specifically on Network and Spectrum Analyzers. Because of this, it allows us to maintain an extensive parts inventory. A decrease in turn around time and parts availability results.